7 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better Tonight!

You're ready for your baby to sleep through the night.


7 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Better :

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do these sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried everything to get your baby to sleep and nothing seems to work.
  • Your lack of sleep is affecting every aspect of your life from your health, to your marriage, and your overall happiness. Even worse, you no longer have a second to yourself.
  • You spend hours rocking and nursing your baby to sleep and no matter how gentle or quiet you are, they wake up as soon as you try to put them into their crib.
  • Or, at the very best they might sleep for 20-30 minutes. This same horrible pattern is repeating itself several times a day, and you’re about to lose your mind.
  • You wonder if this is just how it has to be.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Let’s hop on the phone for a totally free chat so that you can tell me more about your baby’s specific sleep struggles and I can share exactly how I can help.

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Do you know that wherever you live, we can work together? It’s true! As a Murphys sleep consultant with modern technology, I’ve helped amazing families all over the world go from exhausted and overwhelmed to well-rested and confident their baby will sleep through the night. 

Every. Single. Night.

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  • Are you exhausted because your little one is waking up all night long?
  • Do you worry your little one isn't getting enough rest because you know, for sure, you aren't!
  • Was your little one a good sleep for awhile and now wakes up constantly?
  • Are you confused from all the information out there because there is so much and none of it makes sense?
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