Toddler Times

– Development, Behavior, and Tips –

Toddlers have a high need but low ability for independence. Structure and consistency is not only helpful in their development, but also makes them feel safe – this is because while they want to be in control, they still hold many qualities of a baby in that they want their parent’s to be the ones in charge.

Toddler insight

  • They want some control, but not too many choices or they get overwhelmed
  • They have a short attention span
  • They feel out of control emotionally – similarly to the teen years
  • They have long will and are short on skill
  • They cannot remember rules well and learn through repetition
  • In the best of situations, toddlers have rapid and often intense mood shifts
  • If they are relinquishing control in one area of their lives, like sleep, then it is common to see them rebel in other areas - remain consistent
  • They can appear to become hyper when they are tired
  • They require a lot of exercise

Toddler tips

  • Being in control of your temper is key. You can be firm, but modeling stability
  • Allow them some choice for control – If you want to sit in a big kid chair, then you need to follow the rules. It’s up to you – would you like to sit in a big kid chair and listen or sit in a booster seat? It’s your choice
  • No shaming. If a toddler doesn’t do what you want, execute the consequence, but do not shame. “It was up to you if you were going to follow the table rules. I know you can do better next time"
  • Give them control where you can – putting on their shoes, even if they are on the wrong feet

Meal time tips

Goal: A pleasant family meal with time to connect
  • You cannot control what a child decides to eat, only what they are offered
  • Do not provide snacks within 2.5 hours or so of any meal to ensure they are hungry
  • Be consistent on rules

Rules: Sit at the table until everyone is done, no toys at the table, sitting “nicely”

  • Create a meal time tradition around conversation – What were your favorite parts of the day? One part you didn’t like?
  • Take turns and see where the conversation ends up. Children LOVE to tell stories from their day.
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