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V I P Sleep Experience

​There's No Faster Way To Get Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night


At-Home Sleep Consultant in Sacramento CA

Forget sleep training your baby by yourself!

You want expert sleep coaching right there with you while your baby learns to sleep so that you can be confident you’re doing everything right. You want the VIP Sleep Experience.


  • An expert sleep coach right by your side when you start sleep training.
  • No guessing about if you’re doing it “right.”
  • The support you need to not give up on the first night.
  • Confidence, because every question you have will be answered immediately.
  • Your baby sleeping through the night in a few short nights.
  • A full night’s sleep so you can feel rested and can actually enjoy being a mom.

These are the exact results clients get from the VIP Sleep Experience.

I work with amazing parents just like you. The only problem is you’re exhausted and frustrated because you feel like you’ve tried everything to get your baby sleeping and nothing has worked.

The constant feeding, rocking and bouncing to sleep are sucking the life out of you! Together, we get your baby falling asleep easily at bedtime and end the constant wake-ups for good. You just want your baby to sleep and know you need a Sacramento home sleep expert with you to help every step of the way.

That’s where the Sleep, Baby, Sleep VIP package can change your life, taking you from frustrated and exhausted to well-rested and confident your baby will sleep through the night Every. Single. Night!

I can't say enough good things about Jo Anna. She's incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and clear with her instructions. My baby was only napping on me for 30 minutes at a time, and he was awake every hour of the night, all night long. Jo Anna helped me get him sleeping through the night after only 2 days and naps quickly followed. She saved my sanity. Mama and baby are both SO much happier now! I can't recommend her highly enough.
- Brooke

Get the Support you deserve.

Now is the time to get your sleep back! Apply for my VIP Sleep Experience.

As a result of working together, you'll...

  • ​Have expert, in-person sleep coaching- there's no faster way to get your baby sleeping well than with an expert by your side.
  • Get step by step expert help to take the battle out of bedtime and get your baby sleeping through the night in a few short days.
  • Say goodbye to non-stop wake ups and short naps.
  • No longer rock and nurse for hours.
  • Finally spend some time taking care of yourself so that you can be the best parent you can be.

Your VIP Sleep Experience Package Includes...

Teaching your baby to sleep with an in-person expert sleep coach is one of the best gifts you can give your baby and your family.

VIP Sleep Experience

​You'll have in-person, expert sleep coaching with you for the hardest part of sleep training, the first three days. Expert sleep coaching right there with you so that:

(1) Any questions you have, answered!
(2) Any concerns you have, answered!
(3) Any help you need, I'm there.

EVERY step of the way for THREE days. I'm your LIFE LINE! You don't have to sleep train by yourself.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep Profile

An in-depth profile with questions about your child so we'll know exactly where changes need to be made when I arrive. With this profile I design a sleep plan as unique as your precious child, their sleep needs, and your parenting style.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep Plan

You'll have in-person expert sleep coaching for the hardest part of sleep training, the first 3 days. You'll have help for every bedtime and every nap for three days. Together, we'll work on your baby's customized sleep plan so that there's no guessing and no confusion about the most gentle way to teach your baby to sleep.

Day One
- An in-depth look at your baby's customized sleep plan so that you know exactly what we're going to do and when we're going to do it.
- Your questions answered about when and how we start the plan so that you're completely confident when we begin that night.

Day Two
- You've made it through the hardest night of sleep training so we'll celebrate that amazing win!
- We'll begin working on naps so that your baby can become a champion napper.
- Together, we'll get your baby napping in the most gentle way so that every day you're confident your baby will nap easily.

Day Three
- We'll make sure you understand exactly what to do to when I leave to continue your baby's amazing progress.
- You'll know what to do for teething, illness, regression and more so that you're confident in your ability to help your baby through any sleep challenge.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep Complete Support ​

The support doesn't stop there! You get ongoing expert sleep coaching to insure your baby continues to be the best sleeper!

You'll have one year of live support so that...
- Any questions you have. Answered.
- Any concerns you have. Addressed.
- Time for a nap change? No problem, you'll have help with that.
- Regression, I'll help you through it!
- Teething or illness, you'll get your questions answered.

Monthly phone calls and access to me via Voxer (an amazing walkie-talkie style App) for any questions you have about your baby's sleep for an entire year!

Unlike anything you've tried before, the personalized attention you get from the VIP Sleep Experience is exactly what you need to teach your baby to sleep through the night - forever!

When you teach your baby to sleep through the night and become a champion napper, you'll not only know your baby is getting the rest he or she needs, you'll be the well-rested parent you want to be. Your desperate search for someone with a magic formula to get your baby sleeping ends today.

Get your family the rest they need. To learn more about the VIP Experience - Apply Today! Space is limited and families are chosen each month on a first come first serve basis.

Get the VIP Sleep Experience by applying today.